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New Energy Vehicles Drastically Push PCB Demand

Apr 26, 2018

At present, the degree of electronicization of traditional automobiles is not high, the demand for PCB is small, and the amount of PCB value is also relatively low. According to PCB network data, PCB accounts for about 2% of the total cost of electronic devices. The average PCB usage per vehicle is about 1 square meter, which is worth US$60. The amount of high-end models is 2-3 square meters. The value is 120-130 US dollars. However, as the cars become more intelligent and entertaining, these functions are becoming more and more complex, which not only drastically increases the demand for traditional PCBs for PCBs in terms of usage (layers), but also increases the demand for quality and high-end boards.


Compared with traditional automobiles, new energy vehicles have a significant increase in PCB demand due to their unique power system. The cost of electronic devices in traditional limousines is about 25%, and in new energy vehicles it is 45%-65%.


The incremental value of automotive PCBs brought by new energy vehicles includes two parts, namely the incremental increase brought about by hybrid vehicles and the incremental increase brought by pure electric vehicles. In general, whether the hybrid or pure electric, the specific source of PCB increments are mainly the three major power control systems (BMS, VCU and MCU):


The main control circuit in the battery management system (BMS) is about 0.24 square meters for the PCB, the unit price can be as high as CNY20,000 per square meter, and the amount of the PCB for the monomer management unit is 3-5 square meters.


The control circuit in the vehicle control unit (VCU) uses about 0.03 square meters of PCB;


The amount of PCB used by the control circuit in the motor controller (MCU) is about 0.15 square meters.


Different control units have different requirements for the PCB board. The price of the products is quite different. The PCB used by the VCU and the MCU is an ordinary board. The added value is not high, and the price is around CNY 1,000/square meter. The overall estimation is that the total vehicle PCB usage is between 5-8 square meters, and the added value is about CNY4,000, which is much higher than traditional cars.

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