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PCB Industry Chain Has Received Heavy Investment To Meet The New Demand Of 5G Market, And Japanese Businessmen Also Came To Taiwan.

May 14, 2018

The US Trump government has targeted ZTE and Huawei on the mainland of China, respectively, to carry out technology export controls and investigations, which have been interpreted as restricting the development of 5G communications in mainland China, which is already ahead of schedule, showing its importance. Taiwan business PCB industry is also actively invested in 5G applications, Japanese company textile, Hitachi has come to Taiwan.

The focus of Japanese investment in Taiwan is that the upstream raw materials of PCB, including CCL and the glass fiber cloth industry, are also mainly attacking the high frequency, high speed and signal losing PCB raw materials needed for upgrading the soft and hard plate manufacturing process. These include Hitachi Chemical, which announced that it will invest about NT $2 billion to set up a subsidiary in Taiwan. The high performance laminated material for PCB is built in the plant, which is mainly used for 5G, ADASA, AI and so on.

NITTO BOSEKI, a large Japanese fiberglass factory, will pay a premium of 10% for the development of 5G communications, and will publicly acquire the highest 35.22% stake in Jianrong Industries. If Jirong's largest corporate shareholder, Chuangyou, sells 14.88% of its equity to Jidong, it will make Jidong's highest stake in Jianrong 50.1% and more than half.

People in the PCB industry pointed out that it is one thing for Jidong to acquire more than half of the shares of Jianrong Industries to take over the right to operate. It is important to observe whether Jidong has introduced new equipment to assist Jianrong in producing new materials for 5G applications. Or only Jianrong as Japan's original production transfer secondary base, and 5G application products are still produced in Japan.

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