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Printed Circuit Board Composition

May 10, 2017

The current circuit board, mainly composed of the following

Line and pattern (Pattern): line is used as a tool between the original, the design will be designed in addition to the copper surface as a ground and power layer. Lines and drawings are made at the same time.

Dielectric (Dielectric): used to maintain the insulation between the lines and the layers, commonly known as the substrate.

Through holes / via: The vias allow two or more lines to communicate with each other, the larger vias are used as part inserts, and the non-vias (nPTH) are usually used as surface patches Set the position, the assembly of fixed screws.

Solder resistant (Solder resistant / Solder Mask): not all of the copper surface to eat tin parts, so non-tin area, will be printed with a layer of copper to eat tin (usually epoxy), to avoid A short circuit between tin and tin. According to different processes, divided into green oil, red oil, blue oil.

(Legend / Marking / Silk screen): This is a non-essential composition, the main function is marked on the circuit board parts of the name, location box, easy to assemble after maintenance and identification.

Surface Finish: As the copper surface in the general environment, it is easy to oxidation, resulting in tin can not (solder poor), it will eat tin in the copper surface to protect. Protection methods include spray (HASL), gold (ENIG), immersion silver (Immersion Silver), tin (Immersion Tin), organic flux (OSP), the method has its own advantages and disadvantages, collectively referred to as surface treatment.

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