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Printed Circuit Board History

May 10, 2017

Before the printed circuit board appears, the interconnection between the electronic components is to rely on the direct connection of the wire to form a complete line. In modern times, circuit panels exist only as an effective experimental tool, and printed circuit boards in the electronics industry has become occupied by the absolute dominance of the position.

At the beginning of the 20th century, people in order to simplify the production of electronic equipment, reduce the wiring between electronic parts, reduce production costs and other advantages, so began to study the way to replace the wiring method. Thirty years, there have been engineers on the substrate to be insulated on the metal conductor for wiring. The most successful is in 1925, the United States Charles Ducas in the insulation of the substrate printed on the line pattern, and then by plating, the successful establishment of the conductor for wiring.

Until 1936, the Austrian Paul Eisler (Paul Eisler) published in the UK foil technology, he used in a radio device printed circuit board; and in Japan, Miyamoto Hi to help spray wiring method "メ タ リ コ ンMethod of blowing the wiring method (franchise 119384) "successfully applied for a patent. Paul Eisler's method is similar to that of today's printed circuit boards, which is called subtraction, which eliminates unwanted metals; and Charles Ducas, Miyamoto's approach is to add only the required Of the wiring, known as the addition method. Although this is the case, but because of the electronic parts of the heat, the two substrates are difficult to use, so that there is no formal practical use, but also to further improve the printed circuit technology.

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