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Regional Structure Of Domestic Printed Circuit Board Industry And Major Enterprises In The Industry And Their Market Share

May 23, 2018

1. General Characteristics of Regional Structure of Domestic Printed Circuit Board Industry

According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, China's printed circuit board manufacturers are mainly concentrated in South China and East China. Among them, the number of enterprises in South China accounts for 50.22% of the total number of enterprises in the industry, followed by the largest proportion; followed by the East China region. The proportion is 42.84%, and the proportion of enterprises in other regions is within 4%. At the same time, the asset size and sales revenue of enterprises in South China and East China also have an absolute advantage in the entire industry.

In the future, China's printed circuit board industry is likely to form the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta as a high-end PCB manufacturing and equipment, materials research and development, logistics headquarters base; to the Yangtze River including Chongqing, Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui and Jiangxi, etc. The two-hour economic industry belt led by the top 100 electronics companies, the Bohai Bay economic circle led by the north Dalian, and the processing area of northwest Guangdong after the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

2.Major companies in the industry and their market share

At present, there are approximately 3,000 printed circuit board manufacturers in the world, mainly in the regions of China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. The industry is relatively fragmented, with numerous manufacturers and relatively full market competition. According to the 2012 fourth quarter research report of the global PCB industry released by Prismark in February 2013, according to the 2012 global PCB industry gross output value of 54.3 billion U.S. dollars, the global market share of the top ten PCB manufacturers is approximately 31.97%. The market share of the world's largest PCB companies is only 4.85%, which further shows that the market concentration of the global PCB industry is not high.


    As the most important component of the global PCB industry, China's printed circuit board industry also has many characteristics such as large number of manufacturers, low industry concentration, and small market share of a single company. According to statistics of the 2012 Top 100 PCB Rankings issued by CPCA, the total sales revenue of the listed companies in 2012 accounted for 57% of total PCB sales in China, and the total sales revenue of the top 10 companies in the list accounted for only the total sales volume of the national PCB industry. 23.94%, ranking first in the corporate market share of only 3.86%. It can be seen that China's PCB industry is relatively full of competition, and there is no oligopoly of a few companies.


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