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Rogers Corporation Introduces AD300D And IM Series Laminates For Base Station Antenna Applications

Apr 14, 2018

Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) is pleased to introduce two new products: AD300D™ laminates and IM Series™ laminates.
AD300D fourth generation, commercial microwave and RF laminate material extends the capabilities of the successful AD300™ product grade.

This ceramic-filled, glass-reinforced, PTFE based material provides the controlled dielectric constant (2.94±0.05), low loss performance (0.0021 at 10GHz), very good passive intermodulation response (-159dBc at 0.030” thickness), and good circuit process ability required for mobile infrastructure microstrip antenna applications. This PTFE composite material combines a cost-effective construction with unique chemistry and processing to offer RF and Microwave designers an option for improving electrical and mechanical performance without the additional costs traditionally associated with higher performance material options.

The IM Series high frequency laminates are an outstanding Passive Intermodulation (PIM) performing version of our AD300D™, AD255C™, and DiClad® 880 antenna grade laminates. The laminates now include the newly developed IM system option. This product utilizes an ultra-smooth (Rq = 0.5µm by non-contact interferometry method) electrodeposited copper foil option which has excellent adhesion to the substrate materials. The PIM performance of all substrates with the IM cladding has typical values of -166dBc at 0.030” and -165dBc at -060” using the Rogers internal test method of two 43 dBm swept tones at 1900 MHz. These specialty materials are specifically engineered and manufactured to meet the demands of today’s base station antenna markets.

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