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Specific Wiring Should Pay Attention To The Following:

May 10, 2017

⑴ trace length as short as possible in order to minimize the lead inductance. In low-frequency circuits, multi-point grounding is avoided because the ground current of all circuits flows through a common ground impedance or ground plane.

⑵ public ground should be arranged in the printed circuit board edge part. The circuit board should be as much as possible to retain the copper foil to do ground, can enhance the shielding capacity.

⑶ double board can use the ground plane, the purpose of the ground plane is to provide a low impedance ground.

⑷ multi-layer printed circuit board, you can set the ground layer, ground layer designed to mesh. The spacing of the ground grid can not be too large, because one of the main functions of the ground is to provide a signal return path. If the grid spacing is too large, a larger signal loop area will be formed. The large loop area can cause radiation and sensitivity problems. In addition, the signal return to the actual loop area of small path, the other ground does not work.

⑸ ground plane can make the radiation loop minimum.

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