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The Impact Of The New Round Of Environmental Supervision On The Circuit Board Industry Is Not Small

Aug 23, 2018

In order to protect the air quality and environmental protection in winter on the mainland, the mainland's ministry of ecological environment started to strengthen supervision of key areas in the "fight for the blue sky".

The 200 inspection teams in the central part of the mainland will inspect 180 counties, cities and districts in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and surrounding areas as required by the work plan.


A total of 140,600 enterprises or sources of pollution have been inspected in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and surrounding areas for two months. 8,093 problems related to air pollution have been found, according to the mainland's ministry of ecological environment.


A new round of environmental inspections has put PCB and electroplating industries in the spotlight, dragging down PCB shares across the board.


From the original hundreds of inspection teams, the project was further detailed in the Yangtze river delta region to carry out water pollution prevention and control operations, and the paper making, electroplating, printed circuit board, oil refining and chemical industries were fully cleaned up.


Despite the sound fundamentals of PCB entering the new shopping season of apple's new aircraft, the market is worried that the operation of PCB manufacturers will be disrupted and the supply of materials and consumables will be adversely affected by the new round of environmental auditing due to the mainland's official policies.


It closed at 74.5 yuan, down 1.84 percent, wiping about 1.1 billion yuan off its market value in a single day.

Taijun fell more than 7 percent to close at $91.3 million, wiping $2.32 billion off its market value, while hsing hing and huatong tumbled between 3.4 percent and 5.5 percent, wiping more than $2.6 billion off their combined market value.


Other indicators: jianding, jingshuo, yaohua, nandian, jialianyi, FCCL and three CCL manufacturers, Taiwan optronics, taiyao, lianmao and non-apple soft plate factory, consumables plant point and ju oak, glass consistent factory fuqiao all declined, the total market value of more than 5.1 billion yuan.


Zhending stressed that despite the trend of strict policy enforcement, the company's overall production is not affected and continues to lead its peers in environmental investment.

The company stressed that it will not affect mass production due to environmental policies and will fully cooperate with the official requirements strictly.

Huatong has no factory in the coastal area, four years ago has chosen chongqing to set up a factory development;

Xin xing has been transferred into the Yellowstone region investment expansion, Taiwan photoelectricity, also in-depth huazhong layout.


According to China's official list, in baiyun district, guangzhou, shenzhen baoan, longgang, ping shan, longhua district, shantou tide, chaoyang district, sanshui, nanhai district, foshan city, huiyang, huizhou ZhongKai area and boluo county and the town of dongguan changan and seven stone horse river valley town, chaozhou maple river basin, puning and rongjiang river shelter-forest and other key areas and key management in key river valleys.

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