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The Most Detailed IPhone X Suppliers

Dec 28, 2017

A few days ago, Nikkei integrated the information of Apple suppliers and provided the statistics and statistics of the countries and regions of iPhone X component suppliers. Among them, Taiwan accounted for 52 seats, the United States occupied 44 seats and Japan occupied 41 Seats, mainland China occupy 19 seats ... ...

In terms of suppliers, 201 suppliers including Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Mainland China, European countries, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Saudi Arabia are listed.

details as follows:

Taiwan manufacturers occupy the absolute power of the supply of iPhone X components with 52 seats, including A11 chip manufacturing, Dali Lig lenses, circuit boards, etc .;

US manufacturers occupy a total of 44 seats, responsible for the most sophisticated high-end components, including the A11 chip design, Face ID original deep projection matrix, Qualcomm / Intel baseband, Western Digital flash memory.

Japanese manufacturers occupy 41 seats, including the supply of advanced materials, such as camera CMOS;

Mainland manufacturers occupy 19 seats, supply cables, connectors, audio set up, batteries, etc .;

In addition, the European countries occupy 16 seats, South Korea (Samsung's screen, flash memory, etc.) occupy 12 seats, Hong Kong occupy 9 seats, Singapore occupy 7 seats, Saudi Arabia occupy 1 seats.


From the perspective of the supplier ratio, China Taiwan accounted for 25.8%, the United States accounted for 21.8%, Japan accounted for 20.4%, accounting for 9.4% in mainland China, the other details see below.


Overall, Asia accounted for about 70% of components / materials for iPhone X and played the most significant contribution. According to the information, suppliers in mainland China more than doubled since 2012, while those in other regions Sub-hundred little change. The United States is still in the most sophisticated area.

The following is the iPhone X's main components and suppliers details:



iPhone ten years on the impact of the supply chain

The Nikkei Asia Review issued a review of the iPhone's decade-long impact on the entire supply chain: some companies became rich because of the iPhone, others suffered huge losses, and even one major supplier ended in a bankruptcy.

Mention Apple suppliers, we must first think of Foxconn, which is growing due to Apple.

In 2006, Hon Hai Group played an important role in the impending consumer electronics industry, though no one from the company's staff in Taiwan at that time would know what would happen in the future. Over the next ten years, the iPhone raised Foxconn's annual revenue from 38 billion U.S. dollars to 145 billion U.S. dollars and became one of the largest employees in the world.

It can be said that iPhone has reshaped the pattern of Asia's technology industry. As the lens supplier Dalu photoelectric annual direct revenue growth of 700%, becoming Taiwan's share price of one of the highest companies; display glass supplier Lan Si technology market value directly doubled, chip supplier TSMC net profit tripled , Speaker supplier AAC technology revenue growth reached 600%.

But not all vendors benefit from the iPhone, while others suffer from a big negative impact from the iPhone.

Apple integrates a variety of features on the iPhone, including cameras, music players and games, all of which have a significant impact on a company that specializes in these types of products. Japan's traditional electronics companies, including Sony, Nintendo, Toshiba, Canon and Nikon, have been affected to varying degrees, with only Sony now being the iPhone's camera sensor supplier.

Although some people have won big orders from Apple, not only did not make a fortune, or even into a crisis, eventually ended in bankruptcy.

Prior to Apple abandoning its technology, the company was the leading touch screen supplier in Taiwan, China, but the company filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Shenghua Technologies once had an annual revenue of over NT $ 100 billion (about 3.3 billion US dollars), but because of Apple's shift to using thinner In-Cell display technology in its products, Winpower could not keep up with Apple's efforts Was forced to lay off 40,000 people, eventually delisting in 2015, and Shenghua technology more than 1,700 suppliers have also been directly affected.

Like Imagination Tech's consequences, many businesses and technologies disappear overnight if Apple suddenly changes its strategy.

"Being an Apple supplier means investing a lot of money, technology and new equipment, but you do not know if those inputs will work with other customers. If Apple abandons your technology or chooses to work with a competitor, it is Fatal blow, "said Sean Kao, an IDC analyst.

Some vendors are now starting to worry about the future of smartphones. It is estimated that by 2021, the growth rate of the global smart phone market will narrow to between 3% and 4%, and the potential of the whole market will become smaller and smaller.

"The whole industry will change, and we will not always be in the era of smartphones," said Tung Chih-hsien, chairman of Hopsun. "Smartphones have had a great boom in the last ten years, but people are constantly asking me if my smartphone will start to slump like a laptop."

It is noteworthy that under the leadership of the new CEO Cook, the number of Apple suppliers has doubled. However, taking into account Cook's competence and reputation in supply chain management is not surprising, as the more suppliers selected in a given segment, the greater the efficiency and reliability of the entire supply chain.

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