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The Top 10 DFM Mistakes That Every PCB Manufacturer Hates

Jun 08, 2018

Listen we get it, designing a PCB layout is hard enough, especially when you’re trying to smash in all of that functionality into an enclosure that seems to shrink more and more with every new board design. But then you have a manufacturer breathing down your neck at the end of the line, telling you that this is too small, that’s too thin, that component doesn’t match. Aren’t you just tired of the back and forth? Guess what, so is your manufacturer!


This is where Design for Manufacturing (DFM), can make everyone’s life a whole lot easier. Think of it as a kind of risk management, a personal insurance that ensures that what you spend hours designing can actually be made at the end of the day. Because whether you like it or not, you can make the best PCB in Autodesk EAGLE, but if that board of yours can’t be made, then it’s all for nothing. So instead of fighting with your PCB manufacturer for each and every mil, just start your design process off right by not making these 10 DFM mistakes that every manufacturer hates.


#1 – Not Leaving Enough Edge Clearance

Here’s the problem with copper, while it might be a great conductor, it’s also prone to corrosion from the environment. To combat this, your manufacturer coats it with a protective material. But what happens if you don’t leave enough space between the edge of your board and your copper? That protective coating can get cut off in the manufacturing process, exposing the copper beneath, and then you’re just waiting for a disaster to happen, like an unintended short or corrosion.


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