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ZTE Big Break! Trump Said They Are Providing Fast Recovery Business For ZTE.

May 18, 2018

On the evening of 13, President Trump sent a tweet that he was communicating with ZTE to provide a quick way to resume business. (due to the fact that ZTE's business is not functioning properly) there are too many job losses in China. I have told the Ministry of Commerce to finish the work as soon as possible.

This statement also means that since April 16th, ZTE encountered the first major turning point in the US embargo.


In fact, it is indeed a turning point in the fate of ZTE. According to ZTE's May 9th announcement, the company's main business activities have been unable to proceed.


Since the decision of the US Department of Commerce and industry (BIS) in April 16th to activate ZTE's refusal to order, it has lasted for 27 days. According to the previous industry's statement, ZTE's inventory will only be enough to last for about a month or so. Take mobile phone business as an example, at present, ZTE's official mall and Tmall ZTE flagship store display "website revision", unable to place the order.


In addition, from the commercial level, the time that important customers can endure and wait is getting shorter and shorter, and as the time goes on further delay, even if the ban will be lifted in the future, it will cause irreversible loss to ZTE.


In fact, in the late May 6th, in the late May 6th, ZTE announced that the company had formally submitted to BIS the application for the suspension of the refusal order and submitted supplementary materials in response to the refusal order according to the BIS guidelines. In May 10th, according to the Wall Street journal, a spokesman for BIS said that the Council was assessing ZTE's complaint and would immediately consider it.

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