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aluminum base osp pcb copperboard

2 layers OSP finishing aluminum base Printed circuit board prototype with 1oz Copper and1.6mm Board Thickness We supply aluminum base Printed circuit board 1. Product Introduction of the aluminum base Printed circuit board Aluminum Based PCBs are a unique metal-based copper clad laminate. These...

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Product Details

2 layers OSP finishing aluminum base Printed

circuit board prototype with 1oz Copper and1.6mm Board Thickness


alumnium pcb(002).jpg


We supply aluminum base Printed circuit board

1. Product Introduction of the aluminum base Printed circuit board

Aluminum Based PCBs are a unique metal-based copper clad laminate. These types of Printed Circuit Boards have good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and very solid machining performance. These types of are typically fabricated with a metal base consisting of aluminum (most common) but can also be produced with copper.


2. Product parameter (specification)of aluminum base Printed circuit board




aluminum base material

MC PCB (Al base, Copper base, Iron Base

Board thickness



1-8 layer

Silk screen

white/black /Taiyo/green /yellow/blue

Solder mask

green/black /white/yellow /red /blue

Base Cu thickness

0.5-6 OZ

Min. Space/Width


Max board Size


Surface Finish

HASL, Lead Free HASL, OSP, Immersion Gold,

Immersion Silver, Gold Fingers

Additional Processes

Peeable mask, Carbon ink,High frequency , Blind & buried via, via in pad,blind and buried holes,



3. Product Feature and Applicance of aluminum base Printed circuit board



4. Production Details of aluminum base Printed circuit board

Advantages and Features:

· Can easily be used for Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

· Assists with thermal diffusion of heat from LEDs

· Reduces product operating temperatures, increases the power density and reliability, and helps to extended product life

· Smaller footprint, lower hardware and assembly costs;

· Replaces fragile ceramic based pcbs, and has better mechanical durability


5. Production Qualification of rigid-flex Printed circuit board 

We have certificate of UL, ISO9001,ISO14000,ISO18001 and TS16949.






6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the rigid-flex Printed circuit board 

shipping way:DHL,FEDEX,UPS,EMS,TNT




7. FAQ

Q1:How can you deal with customer complaint when it come?

A:we will take all cost if it happened by our fault, and we make sure it will fix up during 3 days.

Q2:Whats your payment terms.

A: we can accept payment 30 days after shipping.

Q3:If you can provide best panel design when quoting?

A: yes. Our engineers will offer best suggestion for the panel design all the time.

Q4:Could you offer inspection report for per order?

A: Yes. We can do that.

Q5:Whats kind of packaging you use?

A: Normally we use vacuum package for all boards.If you have other needs we will try our best to meet it.

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