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gold plated circuit board Made in China

polyimide materials hard gold plating and Impedance Gold Finger pcb for Computer with hasl green solder mask white silkcscreen and made by gerber We supply Gold Finger pcb printed circuit board 1. Product Introduction of the Gold Finger pcb A row of square contacts neatly arranged on the edge of...

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Product Details

polyimide materials hard gold plating and Impedance Gold Finger pcb for Computer with hasl green solder mask  white silkcscreen and made by gerber


gold finger pcb(001).jpg


We supply  Gold Finger pcb printed circuit board  


1. Product Introduction of theGold Finger pcb

A row of square contacts neatly arranged on the edge of PCB are intended to plug into another matching socket of a main board to connect both PCBs and they are often dealed with gold-plating,this edge connector is called gold finger


2. Product parameter (specification)of the Gold Finger pcb

Number of Layers:1-20Layer

Surface Finishing:immersion silver,hasl lead free/gold plate

Solder mask color:green /black /blue /red/yellow

Silk screen :white/black /red/yellow

Copper Thickness:1/4~6OZ

Board Thickness:0.3~6mm


3. Product Feature And Application of the Gold Finger pcb


1.6 layer gold finger pcb used in computer memory chip

2.double sided gold finger pcb used in games



4. Production Details of the Gold Finger pcb

The plated pads have to be on the edge of the PCB, as this is an electroplating process. There has to be an electrical connection between the plated pads and the production panel frame.


5. Production Qualification of Gold Finger pcb

Below is our main production machine and inspection machine, our inspection machine have ON LINE AOI to check every single board after etching , Automatic E-test machine to check open and short circuitry, X-ray machine to check hole registration in inner layers. Two point measurement machine to check the size of the PCB. We have certificate of UL, ISO9001,ISO14000,ISO18001 and TS16949。





6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Gold Finger pcb




7. FAQ

Q1: How many PCB engineers you have?

A: We have 20 engineers now to serve for you.

Q2 : How long we can get the working Gerber after we placed order with you and ?

A:normally we will finish working file during 24 hours.

Q3: If we can do business with you as shipping terms DDP?

A: yes. We can help pay the duties with you if you want.

Q4: Could you provide working in in process with us everyday?

A: Yes. We have end-to-end WIP order tracking system to you. We will offer each process of your products and ensure our quality for timely delivery.

Q5:If you can do quick turn service?

A: yes. We can do quick turn service. Price on changing with your days needs.

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