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2 Layer Flexible PCB

2 Layer Flexible PCB

Flexiable pcbs are easy to assemble and efficient for applications that require thin and flexible material.We provide a variety of flexible circuit boards including single sided, double sided and multilayer. Flex Features 1 – 6+ Layer Capability IPC 6013 types 1,2, & 3 Complex balanced &...

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Product Details

Flexiable pcbs are easy to assemble and efficient for applications that require thin and flexible material.We provide a variety of flexible circuit boards including single sided, double sided and multilayer.

Flex Features

MaterialsBase-materialFR4, CEM-3, high frequency, PTFE, halogen-free, Aluminium base material, Copper based material
Material brandKB, ITEQ, SY, ISOLA, Rogers, Arlon, Ventec,     Laird, or other laminate on customer’s request.
Min. core thickness3 mil
Prepreg1080 , 2116 , 7628 , 7630
Copper foil1/4 oz ~6 oz
Solder maskRongda,Taiyo,Nanya or other brand on customer’s request
HoleMin. drill size0.2mm
Min laser drill size3mil
Hole diameter tolerance±0.05mm
Hole location tolerance±2mil
Image transfermin line width/space3/3 mil
Finished copper thickness6 oz
Layer to layer registration2 mil
EtchingLine width/space tolerance±10%
Solder MaskVia plugvia size :0.2-0.8mm
S/M registration1 mil
solder dam width4 mil
HAL (Pb-free)YES
Immersion silverYES
Immersion TinYES
Gold fingerYES
Immersion goldYES
ProductLayer count1~20 layers
Board thickness0.3 ~ 6 mm
Board thickness tolerance± 5%
max board size800*650mm
min V-score residuals0.1 mm
Bow & twist≤0.50% (max cap)
Outline tolerance± 0.1mm
Impedance control PCBYES
Blind and buried via PCBYES(laser and mechanical drill)
High frequency PCBYES
Selective hard gold PCBYES
Carbon ink PCBYES
Aluminium base PCBYES

About our certificates 

We have get ROHS ,ISO9001

1.What’s the most max panel size you can do?

RE: 800 X 650MM. The most length board we made is 1.5m before.


2.How thick copper foil you can do? 

RE: 6 oz finish


3.How many layers boards you can do? 

RE: we can do 1-20 layers PCB.


4.Could you do Flexible PCB(FPC)? Could you do flexible and rigid PCB? Could you do Aluminum PCB(IMS)? 

RE: Yes. We have advantage to make 1-2 flexible PCB.

Sorry. We don’t make Flexible and Rigid PCB at this moment.

Yes. Many lighting manufacturer purchase Alu PCB from us.


5.Could you do Isola/Rogers PCB? 

RE:Yes. However we don’t have material on stock and the purchasing material time will take 4 weeks.


6.Could you do Hard gold finish?

RE: Yes. We made golden finger finish, selected gold finish and electrify Gold finish before.


7.Do you have surface finishing by yourself?

RE: Yes.We only make OSP finish by ourselves. Other surface finish outsource to our partners.


8.Do you make LAM/laminate by yourself? 

RE: Yes.


9.How could you control the quality?

RE: We have IQC-PQC-FQC process to control it.

IQC --incoming quality control

PQC - process quality control

FQC - final quality control


10.Could you do PCB design? 

RE: No.


11.Do you have online order system?

RE: No


12.Do you have any insurance?

RE: Yes. We have production liabilityinsurance


13. Do you have Duns No. 

RE:  No,we don’t have Duns No.


14. Do you have any advanced equipment?

RE:Yes,we have

Fully automatic test machine

AOI to scan inner layer

Optima scanning high-speed AOI

Hitach automatic collimated exposure machine

Horizontal PTH and plating line

Automatic silkscreen printing


15. Do you have high-speed AOI? How many drilling machines? How many AOI machines?

RE:Yes,have high-speed AOI, 60 drilling machines, one Optima scanning high-speed AOI/


16. Do you have laser direct imaging (LDI) machine? 



17. What kind of document you will have when shipping?

RE:Invoice,packaging list,COC,inspection report( including Solderability Test Report,Electrical Testing Report,Microsection Measurement Record and surface checking with no scratch accepted)

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