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Rigid Board Made In China Factory

Rigid Board Made In China Factory

Dongguan Pinsheng Electronics Co.,Ltd was established in 1993 , which was a UL, ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 certificated company with 25 years experience in PCB manufacturing. Through stable cooperation with domestic and oversea customers, PS has grown to a group with 3 department for production of...

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Dongguan Pinsheng Electronics Co.,Ltd was established in 1993 , which was a UL, ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 certificated company with 25 years experience in PCB manufacturing.

Through stable cooperation with domestic and oversea customers, PS has grown to a group with 3 department for production of rigid, flex and quick turn delivery department. Our products are widely used in consumer products, communication, industrial control, automotive, computers and lighting etc.. Which provide one stop services to customer and have long steady cooperation with leader enterprise such as Huawei, Samsung, Foxconn.

What we do ?

Rigid board ,Gold finger pcb ,High frequency pcb ,Rigid flex pcb ,flexible pcb ,Aluminum pcb


Our capability 

MaterialsBase-materialFR4, CEM-3, high frequency, PTFE, halogen-free, Aluminium base material, Copper based material
Material brandKB, ITEQ, SY, ISOLA, Rogers, Arlon, Ventec,     Laird, or other laminate on customer’s request.
Min. core thickness3 mil
Prepreg1080 , 2116 , 7628 , 7630
Copper foil1/4 oz ~6 oz
Solder maskRongda,Taiyo,Nanya or other brand on customer’s request
HoleMin. drill size0.2mm
Min laser drill size3mil
Hole diameter tolerance±0.05mm
Hole location tolerance±2mil
Image transfermin line width/space3/3 mil
Finished copper thickness6 oz
Layer to layer registration2 mil
EtchingLine width/space tolerance±10%
Solder MaskVia plugvia size :0.2-0.8mm
S/M registration1 mil
solder dam width4 mil
HAL (Pb-free)YES
Immersion silverYES
Immersion TinYES
Gold fingerYES
Immersion goldYES
ProductLayer count1~20 layers
Board thickness0.3 ~ 6 mm
Board thickness tolerance± 5%
max board size800*650mm
min V-score residuals0.1 mm
Bow & twist≤0.50% (max cap)
Outline tolerance± 0.1mm
Impedance control PCBYES
Blind and buried via PCBYES(laser and mechanical drill)
High frequency PCBYES
Selective hard gold PCBYES
Carbon ink PCBYES
Aluminium base PCBYES
FeatureParameter (in)Parameter (mm)
Layers1 – 61 – 6
Max Board Size20” x 20”508 x 508mm
BrandITEQ, DuponITEQ, Dupon
Min Board Thickness – 1-2 (layers)6mil0.15mm
Min Board Thickness – 4 (layers)8mil0.2mm
Min Board Thickness – 6 (layers)10mil0.25mm
Board Thickness Range6 – 25mil0.15 – 0.63mm
Max Copper Thickness2oz70um
Min Line Width / Space2mil / 2mil0.05 / 0.05mm
Min Hole Size3mil0.075mm
PTH Dia. Tolerance±2mil±0.05mm
NPTH Dia. Tolerance±1mil±0.025mm
Hole Position Deviation±4mil±0.1mm
Outline Tolerance±3mil±0.075mm
S/M Pitch3mil0.075mm
Aspect Ratio0.2506944440.250694444
Thermal Shock5 x 10Sec @2885 x 10Sec @288
Impedance Control±5%±5%

Aluminium pcb are widely used in LED lighting with good thermal conductivities. We provide great material with high thermal conductivities to make sure stable and long life for the led product and power supplier project.



Our factory 

Our shipping ways 

DHL,UPS,FedEX,TNT,By air ,by sea 



1.Since when you manufacture PWBs ?

RE:Our factory was established in 1993,and we start overseas business in 2013.


2..What different types of material you offer for bare boards ?

RE:KB,SY,ISOLA,VENTEC,ITEQ,Rodgers,Arlon,GDM,or other laminate on customers’ request.


3.Do you have necessary certifications and approvals ?



4.How much business you are doing in Europe and USA in terms of US $?

RE:12.5 million in USA, 10 million in Europe  


5..Since how long you are doing business in Europe and USA ? I mean since when ?

RE:We start overseas business in 2013.


6..Which state in USA you are doing business?

RE:A large part is in California.


7.How many accounts you have in USA ? Just numbers...you can disclose names if you feel ok !



8.Do you have any sales office OR a sales personal OR a sales rep in USA ? If yes, which state and name of that person or contact info’s ?

RE:We don’t have any office in USA.


9.How often, they visit USA?

RE:In this year,About twice a year.In the future year ,we plan to visit our customers forth a year.

10.What type of product (D/S, 4 lyr, 6 lyr, rigid/flex, etc) you are selling in USA?

Our advantage is Rigid board and Aluminium board,and most of our products are 1/2/4/6/8 layers in USA


10.Mainly which type of product you sell in USA ?

RE:Consumer Electronic Manufacturing,Audio,Lighting and Industrial Control 

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