Rigid Printed Circuit Board

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Rigid Printed Circuit Board

  • 4 oz copper audio pcb printed circuit board

    4 oz copper audio pcb printed circuit board

    4 layer FR4 Rigid PCB Printed Circuit Board Copper Foil 1/4oz~6oz with Hasl Lead Free Finishing for Audio Read More

  • 1.6mm Single Sided FR4

    1.6mm Single Sided FR4

    1.product Introduction Now more and more customer use 20-40µm Taiyo PSR-4000 WT02 LED white solder resist ,it is a speical solder mask but very good affect ,more customer use it for led light . 2.product Parameter(specification) 1.6mm single sided FR4 70µm... Read More

  • Red Solder Mask Double Sided PCB

    Red Solder Mask Double Sided PCB

    According to the number of circuit layers: divided into single layer, double layer and multilayer board. The common multi-layer boards are generally four-layer boards or six-layer boards, and complex multi-layer boards can reach several tens of layers. PCB... Read More

  • Multi-layer PCB

    Multi-layer PCB

    We offer the highest quality printed circuit boards’ at the most competitive pricing. Our target is to provide customer excellence on all orders whether you need a simple prototype or a time-critical and technologically complex multi-layer printed circuit... Read More

  • PSPCB Printed Circuit Board

    PSPCB Printed Circuit Board

    PSPCB-your most trusted partner! As one of the famous PCB manufacturer in China,PSPCB attend HongKong Electronics Fair from 13 th ,April to 16 th ,April. PSPCB’s advantage is Rigid board and Alluminum board,The aluminum board is a metal-based copper-clad... Read More

  • 4 Layer Rigid Printed Circuit Board

    4 Layer Rigid Printed Circuit Board

    Our PCB production advantages PCB called printed circuit board used in Electronic industry most time. Our advantage is rigid PCB and Aluminum PCB. Rigid PCB like 1 layers, 2 layers and multilayer board . Our manufacturing facility is in Dongguan, China... Read More

  • PCB High Frequency Board Made in China

    PCB High Frequency Board Made in China

    l D efinition High-frequency board refers to a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency, which is used for PCBs in the field of high frequency (frequency greater than 300MHz or less than 1m in wavelength) and microwave (frequency greater... Read More

  • 1-20 Layer Rigid Printed Circuit Boards

    1-20 Layer Rigid Printed Circuit Boards

    PCB: Printed Circuit Board . Main function: supporting and interconnection for circuit component . The history: In 1936,the concept about PCB was put forward by English Doctor Eisler and made the first piece of PCB. In 1941,the PCB was applied to military... Read More

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    We're one of the leading rigid printed circuit board manufacturers and suppliers in China for 25 years. Please feel free to buy high quality rigid printed circuit board made in China and check the price with us.
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